Dental tourism


The focus of Dr. Amela Husić’s dental clinic is achieving optimal health and aesthetics for your teeth. We provide the most advanced care for your teeth in a comfortable environment at a time that suits you.

Forget about unpleasant experiences due to your teeth. Dr. Amela Husić’s clinic is here to ensure you enjoy food, conversations, and smiles. We will make sure you look and feel better.

Why choose us?


Fast and simple

The fastest and simplest service in the city. Our team will take care of you.


Professional service

A wide range of dental services with the most modern equipment and materials.

Our team will ensure that your visit to the dentist becomes a pleasant experience.


Numerous services

The doctors from our team will gladly perform any treatment for your teeth, from routine dental care to complex surgeries.

We do not just provide dental services; from start to finish, we ensure that every patient who comes to our clinic is taken care of and feels as comfortable as possible.

In addition to all dental services, we arrange transportation for patients from the airport or station, accommodation, and various activities in Sarajevo if the patient wishes. During your stay, you can enjoy walks and tours of Sarajevo, and we will tell you what you must not miss in our city!

Our goal is to provide the highest level of care and comfort for our patients.


We offer you accommodation in a luxuriously equipped apartment in the immediate vicinity of the clinic. After making a reservation you will receive a booking confirmation and all necessary information to make your arrival and stay as pleasant as possible. During your stay, our staff will be available for any assistance you may need. 


Our partner company Balkan Team d.o.o. Car Rental will arrange a transfer from the airport or vehicle rental of your choice at special rates.

If you want to solve your dental problems with high quality and lasting results while enjoying all the beauties of Sarajevo, dental tourism is the right choice for you. Contact us with full confidence.

We will take care of every step of your journey, from our first contact to your satisfied and happy smile after treatment.